Helpful Information for Current Employees

Address or Name Change Forms

The process for address and/or name changes is available: Address/Name Change Process (PDF). Please fill out the applicable forms for your address or name change. The Churchill County form will cover you for health, dental and vision insurance. A new W-4 form must be filled out because we need to have your most recent name and address indicated on your W-4 form.

Direct Deposit Form

If you are interested in having your paycheck directly deposited into your bank account, use the following form:

  • Direct Deposit Form (PDF) - Return to Human Resources or the Comptroller's Office once filled out. Be sure to attach a voided check, a copy of a check, or a Direct Deposit information form provided by your financial institution.

Workers' Compensation

Administrative Policies

There are some administrative policies passed by the Board of County Commissioners that are not a part of Title 3. They may be found in the Administrative Policy Manual (PDF).