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General Information
The Comptroller's Office is responsible for coordinating the financial operations of county departments. The office consists of five areas of responsibility.

Budget & Financial Planning Responsibilities
All staff members are involved in preparing and administering the County's $46.8 million annual budget. Once the budget is adopted, the office focuses on the control and efficient allocation of budgeted resources while monitoring compliance with the County Commissioners' mandates.

Accounting Responsibilities
All proposed expenditures are audited by the Accounting Division / Accounts Payable to ensure that they are legally due and payable pursuant to state statutes. In support of these efforts, the office is responsible for developing the format of the county's budgets and maintaining the system within the centralized computer system. This county computer system assists in preparing departmental budgets, establishing budgetary controls, paying expenditure claims, and reporting the county's financial condition. The administration computer system also includes the county's payroll system. The Comptroller's Office processes the payroll for all county departments. The accounting and review of all grants received by the county is maintained by the Comptroller's Office. The office prepares schedules and assists in the annual audit performed by independent auditors.

Risk Management Responsibilities
The risk management area provides direction and leadership to the county by appropriately managing and controlling the potential financial impact of frequent and predictable losses with the worker’s compensation program Public Agency Compensation Trust (PACT) as a result of employee accidents. All accident and injury reports are reported to Human Resources for review and submittal to PACT. The Human Resource Director is the chairman on the County Safety Committee. The Comptroller and Human Resource Director represents the county on the Loss Control Committee of the Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool (NPAIP). The comptroller is the chairman of the Public Agency Compensation Trust (PACT), a group self-insurance workman's compensation program for local governments.

Internal Audit Responsibilities
The internal audit function reports the status of county programs and operations. The internal audit function audits financial information, apportionment, and grants and conducts performance audits related to personal benefits statements and annual and sick leave summaries. The office is also responsible for the administration of the Yucca Mountain Information Office for Churchill County as an affected unit of local government for the study and oversight of the proposed high-level nuclear storage site at Yucca Mountain in Nye County.