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Code Enforcement
Purpose & Goals
The purpose of the Code Enforcement office is to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Churchill County and to promote the maintenance of property, buildings, and premises to enhance the livability, community appearance, and the safe, social, and economic conditions of the community. The office handles complaints on zoning violations, health and safety codes, and business license violations. We must receive a written complaint in order for the Code Enforcement officer to act on the complaint. Send written complaints to:
155 N. Taylor St., Ste. 194
Fallon, NV 89406

The goal of the Code Enforcement office is to educate the citizens of Churchill County so that there is an understanding of the codes that may affect their lives. The Code Enforcement office strives to gain voluntary compliance through the education of the citizens on the zoning, health, and safety codes.

A Dust Control Permit is required if you are disturbing up to one-acre of land.

Churchill County is fortunate to have an abundance of public lands for all residents to enjoy. Dumping on public lands diminishes this enjoyment. However, with community cooperation, we hope to clean up many of the dump sites so all the residents of and visitors to Churchill County can enjoy the land. With community cooperation, we hope to keep Churchill County a safe, economically vibrant, and livable community.