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Special Use Permits
A special use permit is authorization for a property owner to develop a use that is only allowed when developed under certain specific conditions. Specially permitted uses are those which are generally compatible with the land uses permitted by right in a given zoning district, with individual review of location, design and configuration to ensure appropriateness of the use. 
    The issuance of a special use permit is discretionary and not a matter of right. All privileges granted pursuant to a special use permit shall be exercised within twelve (12) months of granting the special use permit unless otherwise provided; failure to exercise within twelve (12) months will terminate said special use permit. Annual renewal of a special use permit is not required. However, any expansion in use shall require a new application for a special use permit. The procedure for an expansion of use shall be the same as set forth for a special use permit. Any conditions attached to the special use permit by the planning commission must be upheld and continued as long as the special use permit remains active. Failure to comply with any of the conditions may result in termination of the special use permit.

There are four (4) categories of special use permit:
Minor: These applications will include and be similar to small projects requiring little review such as small home based businesses that cannot meet the conditions of a conditional use permit and not creating adverse impacts.
General: These applications will include and be similar to moderate projects requiring some outside research and consideration from other departments regarding possible impacts to the community such as minor aggregate operations.
Major: These applications will include all major projects where significant research and review of the application, conceptual plans etc must be completed by the planning staff and other County departments, and agents as assigned in order to determine the impacts to the environment, roads and/or community such as energy production and manufacturing.
Administrative special use permit: Administrative special use permits are issued by the Planning Director (see 16.08.080(I)).

Uses requiring a special use permit