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The Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program

The intent of this program is to reduce development pressures and minimize development on agricultural lands, habitats, water recharge areas, flood zones and NAS Fallon and associated ranges notification areas by providing landowners a mechanism to sustain existing land uses and develop lands more compatible for urbanization.

If you are interested in participating in the TDR program it is recommended you meet with the Planning Director to discuss the program prior to completing the Sending Site and TDR calculation application.

Conservation Easement Deed

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NAS Fallon encroachment partnering:

NAS Fallon is very supportive of the TDR program since protection of agriculture around the base is compatible with its mission and operations. NAS Fallon has partnered with Churchill County to provide funding to purchase the conservation easements and development rights on properties within the notification area/buffer zone around the base.

If you own property in the buffer area around the naval air station and meet the criteria of a sending site, contact the Planning Director to discuss the encroachment partnering program.