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Polices and Rules


Polices and Rules that the District Court has adopted and that have been ordered by the Supreme Court of Nevada are listed below.  Please review and comply.  In addition, when filing cases with the Tenth Judicial, please make sure you follow the new rules in addition to any additional requirements under Nevada State Law.

**A new posting has been added as of May 10, 2018 in accordance with Supreme Court Rule 17, this Court has posted a listing of any matters that have been submitted for decision and not ruled on within 60 days of submission. Counsel should notify the Court in the form of a letter by the 15th of each month of matters they believe should be on the list, but are not posted by the Court.**

Tenth Judicial District Court Rules

Standing Order Supplementing Local Rules

Memorandum Regarding Confidential Documents

Policy for Handling Filed, Lodged, and Presumptively Confidential Documents

Protected Person Bill of Rights - Effective 1-1-18

Supreme Court Rule 17 - Posting

Victim Bill of Rights - Effective 11-27-18