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Youth Programs
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American Red Cross

Learn-to-Swim Program

Each Swim Lesson Session is only $30
Taught by our American Red Cross
Water Safety Instructors
Assisted by our Junior Lifeguard Intern Staff

Morning Summer Sessions

2 Week Sessions

      Session 1          June 12 - 22
      Session 2          July 10 - 20
      Session 3          July 24 - August 3

      Level 1 - 4 Monday - Thursday            10:00 - 10:30a.m.

      Preschool Aqua (Parents in water) Monday - Thursday            10:00 - 10:30a.m.

      Level 5 & 6 Monday - Thursday            10:00 - 10:30a.m.


Evening Summer Sessions

5 Week Sessions

      Session 1          May 30 – June 29
      Session 2          July 11 – August 10

Level 4 Tuesday 6:15 – 6:55p.m.

Level 5 Tuesday 5:30 – 6:10p.m.

Level 6 Tuesday 6:15 – 6:55p.m.

Level 1 Thursday 6:15 – 6:55p.m.

Level 3 Thursday 6:15 – 6:55p.m.

Level 2 Thursday 5:30 – 6:10p.m.

Preschool Aqua Tues/Thurs 5:40 – 6:00p.m.

10 classes, 20 min. each

Learn-To-Swim Level Description

          Your child can learn water safety and improve swimming strokes for recreational and competitive swimming year round.  Our instructors are certified Water Safety Instructor professionals.  All participants receive a booklet and certificates are awarded to participants who successfully meet requirements for the next level.  A Parent Orientation will be available for parents the first week of class.


Preschool Aquatics

: Ages 6 months – 2 years old. One child per parent in the water. Parent’s assist their child in developing comfort in the water. This level develops water safety skills and basic body positions for you and your child to practice around water.  Water adjustment, swimming, fun, and enjoyment are emphasized to gain comfort for your child in the water.

: Ages 2 years - 4 years old. One child per parent in the water. Parent’s assist their child in listening to cues, becoming familiar with an instructor, taking direction on swimming movements, and moving through the water. Preschoolers will learn proper pool entry, improve their underwater comfort, and learn basic swimming skills preparing your child for Level 3. Three levels in this course are available.

Level 1 Introduction to Water Skills

: Child must be at least 4 years of age, willing to be in the water without parent, be able to listen to the instructor, and walk in the water. This level develops comfort in the water with skill assistance from the instructor.

Level 2 Fundamental Aquatic Skills

: Child must be comfortable and able to walk in water with a 3 ft depth. Glide on front at least 2 body lengths, roll to a back float for 5 seconds, and recover to a vertical position. This level teaches children to become more independent in basic swimming skills.

Level 3 Stroke Development

:  Child must be able to step into chest deep water, tread water or float for 15 seconds, and swim across the shallow end. This level helps swimmers build confidence and develop coordination of swimming strokes.

Level 4 Stroke Improvement

: Swimmer must be able to jump into deep water, tread water or float for 1 minute, and swim 25 yds. This level builds confidence of swimming in deep water and improving stroke technique.

Level 5 Stroke Refinement

: Swimmer must be able to jump into deep water, glide under water, swim front crawl 25 yds, and swim elementary backstroke 25 yds. Swimmer must be able to swim breaststroke 15yds and swim back crawl 15 yds. This level improves swimmer endurance and refines swimming technique of traditional strokes.

Level 6 Swimming and Skill Proficiency

: Swimmer must be able to shallow dive into deep water, swim front and back crawl 50 yds, swim elementary backstroke 50 yds. Swimmer must be able to swim breaststroke 25 yds, backstroke 25 yds all with efficient turning styles.

3 Focus Courses: 1)Personal Water Safety, 2)Fundamentals of Diving, and 3)Fitness Swimmer.  This level refines all six strokes so swimmers can swim with ease, efficiency, and power over greater distances.  Swimmers prepare for a lifelong love of swimming in different emphasis of the sport including diving, competitive swimming, water safety, and recreation.