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Water Exercise Classes

Take Away the Aches

A balance, flexibility, coordination, and strengthening class to improve daily function and living.  Class is intended for all people that may benefit from water therapy and the support of the water.  It is amazing how much easier it is to support yourself in the water and how much easier it can be to move your body. 
All ability levels and non-swimmers welcome.

Date & Time
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Drop-In: $3
Class Pass: $22 (8 classes)

Water In Motion

The new wave in aqua exercise is being offered at Churchill County Pool. 
$5 Drop-In or Class Passes are $35 for 8 classes or $50 for 12 classes.
Passes and fees are interchangeable with Wave Classes.

                     Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7a.m.
                     Monday & Wednesday at 12p.m.
                     Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6p.m.  

Wave Classes

Wave classes are offered at Churchill County Pool to help you maintain a strong body and reach your fitness goals using the benefits of water. These water exercise classes improve your body’s endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination using the therapeutic benefits of water. 

$5 Drop-In or Class Passes are $35 for 8 classes or $50 for 12 classes.

Rising Wave- 6a.m. Start your day off right with a rejuvenating workout.
                    Early hours to work around your busy schedule.
                    Deep Water:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                    Shallow Water:  Tuesday & Thursday

Active Wave- Get stronger and tone with a low impact workout. This class is great for arthritis, diabetes, limited joint motion, and improving your physical wellness. Feel lighter as you exercise and enjoy the benefits of the water. Aerobically effective to give you increased daily energy. Non-swimmers welcome, all exercise is performed in the shallow water.
                    Shallow Water: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 8:30a.m.

Deep Wave- An aerobically effective workout in the deep end of the pool using ankle cuffs for added resistance and buoyancy. Increase your strength with resistance training and improve you endurance with no joint impact. These classes increase your physical fitness with the support of the water. If you love water and exercise, you will love this workout. You must be able to swim without fear of deep water.

                    Deep Water: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 8:30a.m.

If you are interested in becoming an Instructor, please contact Kristy @ 423-7091. As a participant, we would like to offer more classes that fulfill your needs of fitness & recreation.  If you are interested in other types of programs, please call Kristy at 423-7091 with your suggestions.