Programs & Services

Probation Programs & Services

Traditionally, probation services have consisted of the enforcement of laws and behavior management and modification, as well as acting as a referral source. However, due to the changing nature of juvenile problems, as well as cutbacks in service providers, it has been necessary for the Probation Department to devise and implement a number of programs for local youth and families currently under the court's jurisdiction, as well as provide intervention and prevention programs for any youth or families who feel they might benefit.

Probation Program Mission

It is the mission of the Churchill County Juvenile Probation department to create and promote programs pertaining to the prevention of delinquency, to defer youth from formal court proceedings whenever possible, and to create and promote programs that deter further delinquent behavior, develop competency, and protect the community.

To meet the challenge of this mission, the Churchill County Juvenile Probation Department has developed and implemented numerous programs to provide services to all youth and families within the community. Some of the programs offered by the department are designed for youth on probation, court ordered to participate, or youth deferred from formal court proceedings. Other programs are designed for youth and their families that are seeking assistance or education.