Public Services

All records are indexed by the names of the principal parties on the document and by the year recorded. All records are open for public inspection and can be purchased by the general public for $1.00 per page. Some documents can only be purchased as a "certified" copy. Recorded documents are on microfilm and are available for public viewing. There is no charge for customers to search the indexes or view the documents on site.

Finance Documents (UCC'S) (DOCX)

Maps (DOCX)

Unpatented Mining Claims Records (DOCX)

Military Discharge Papers (DOCX)

Marriage Certificates (DOCX)

Scanning/Microfilming (DOCX)

Searching Records (DOCX)

Printouts of Recorder's Official Records (DOCX)

County Newspapers (DOCX)

Re-Recording Policy (DOCX)

Court Documents (DOCX)

Cover Page Document (DOCX)

Death of Joint Tenant/community property w/right of survivorship (DOCX)

Recording a Certified Copy (DOCX)

Legibility Notice (DOCX)

Legibility Notice Document (DOCX)

Recording Requirements (DOCX)

Foreclosure Information (DOCX)

Important Information Regarding Trustee's Sale (DOCX)