Appeal Process

Churchill County Code 2.50.090: Right of Appeal: 

(Appeals must first be filed in writing to the Director of Churchill County Social Services within 5 days of said decision: the director shall have 72 hours to respond within writing of the final Social Services decision) 

An applicant may appeal the decision of the director to the commission. The applicant must file a notice of appeal in writing stating the grounds for such appeal within 5 days of the director's mailing of such decision. The commission shall hold a hearing with respect to such appeal at which time the applicant may present any and all evidence, testimony and information relevant to the application. The advisory board shall within 24 hours of said appeal hearing issue its decision either affirming the denial of the application or directing the director to issue a permit as applied for subject to reasonable conditions and requirements. The advisory board shall specify its grounds for affirming or denying. (Ordinance 73, 1994)

13.04.210: Notices to Customers: 

Notices from the county to a customer will normally be given in writing and either delivered or mailed to him at his last known address. Where conditions warrant and in emergencies, the county may resort to notification either by telephone or messenger. When a customer is refused service under the provisions of this chapter, the county will notify the customer promptly of the reason for the refusal to serve and of the right of the customer to appeal the county's decision to the board. Failure by the customer to accept a certified letter notice will not relieve the customer of responsibility for contents of notice. (Bill 2007-D, 2007)