Class Instructor Employment

**Churchill County Parks and Recreation and the Aquatic Center are always looking for qualified instructors to teach classes based on their specialties. Feel free to contact the Parks and Recreation office at 423-7733 or Human Resources office at the County Administration Building, 155 N Taylor Street, Suite 155, or call 428-1311, or visit our website for a listing of current openings.

Hundreds of classes, workshops and programs to meet any family's leisure needs can be offered with your help and knowledge. Allow the people of Churchill County to learn something new, improve a skill, develop a hobby, meet new people, enjoy friendly competition or explore a neighborhood or community facility. Classes we would like to offer include guitar, piano, aerobics, yoga, hip hop, ballroom dance, dog obedience, tennis, gymnastics, astronomy, ballet, tap, and martial arts.

Instructor Positions

We are always looking for instructors to teach classes, some courses we are interested in getting instructors for are:

  • Cooking Class Instructors
  • Martial Arts Instructors
  • Art Instructors
  • Photography Instructors
  • Fitness Class Instructors