Planned Unit Developments

What is a Planned Unit Development?

The purpose of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) is to encourage more efficient use of the land and public and private services; to encourage flexibility in promoting the most appropriate and compatible use; to facilitate adequate and economical provision of streets and utilities; and to preserve the agricultural lands and open areas of our community.

PUD Review Procedures

  1. Initial meeting with Planning staff and the applicant to discuss the PUD project concept and requirements for submittal.
  2. Conceptual plan is discussed in general terms with the Planning Commission at a workshop. (The Planning Commission makes comments and suggests changes to the proposed design)
  3. The PUD conceptual plan along with required supporting information is then presented to the Planning Commission at a public hearing. (The Planning Commission receives public comments on the proposed development. No formal action is taken)
  4. Applicant prepares the PUD permit application, which includes: meeting with Staff to review concerns of the public and Planning Commission raised at public hearing; technical reports and studies; etc. (A PUD application is submitted to the Planning Department. Upon completion of Staff review of the PUD application, the Staff prepares a report for the Planning Commission)
  5. A public hearing on the PUD application is held at a Planning Commission meeting. (The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners)
  6. A public hearing on the PUD application is held at a County Commission meeting. Property owners within the vicinity are notified. (The County Commission makes a decision on the PUD application)
  7. The applicant commences preparation of tentative map(s).
    The applicant:
    1. Meets with Staff for input on design.
    2. Prepares detailed technical studies and reports including:
      1. Traffic impact analysis
      2. Drainage study
      3. Hydrology, etc.
  8. Tentative maps are reviewed by the Planning Commission and the County Commissioners at public hearings (Property owners within the vicinity are notified. The Board of County Commissioners makes a final decision on tentative maps)
  9. Each phase of the development is submitted as a final map and is reviewed by the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners. If the final maps are in substantial compliance with the tentative map, public hearings are not required and property owners are not notified. However, all meetings are open to the public.

See PUD Process and Title for more details.