Temporary Use Permits

A temporary use permit is for the placement of temporary living quarters for any use listed below. It is unlawful to reside in a recreational vehicle (RV) outside a mobile home park or an RV park for longer than 90 days a year except as provided below.

  1. Temporary living quarters for farm labor in conjunction with a bona fide farming or ranching operation. Evidence of an active farming or ranching operation and demonstration of a need will be required.
  2. Temporary living quarters for watchman’s quarters with an active commercial or industrial operation.
  3. Temporary living quarters to be used to alleviate hardship, as follows: 
    1. A residence for an aged, invalid, or physically or mentally disabled person who requires care;
    2. A residence used by a caretaker for an aged, invalid, or physically or mentally disabled person.
  4. A temporary residence during the construction or placement of an on-site permanent dwelling.
  5. A commercial coach is to be used as a temporary office, in conjunction with the issuance of a building permit for construction of permanent nonresidential facilities or uses.
  6. A residence for a person or persons for a purpose that is similar to and not more obnoxious or detrimental to uses listed in this subsection B. Evidence must be provided that demonstrates need and demonstrates attempts to find an alternative accommodation.

Proof of said need must be provided with the temporary use permit application. Temporary use permits are temporary in nature and subject to annual renewal, either administratively or by the Planning Commission.

Title 16.08.070 is the section of the Churchill County Code regarding land uses and the various land use districts, including temporary use permits.

Applications for a Temporary Use Permit are available on our Forms page under Land Use. Please come by the Planning Department to discuss your specific need before filing any application.