Zoning Code or Zoning Map Changes

Amendments to the County’s official zoning map may be initiated by the Planning Commission, the Board of County Commissioners or an owner of a lot or parcel by filing a signed and completed application with the Planning Director, which must be accompanied by the necessary fee and application materials, including all evidence and facts required under this section.

Before an application for a zoning map amendment or consolidated code amendment may be considered, the applicant must meet with the Planning Department staff (Staff) to discuss the application and procedures. Once the application is complete, prior to signing and making copies, the applicant shall meet again with the Staff to review the application for accuracy and detail.

If a zoning change is denied by the Board of County Commissioners, an application cannot be resubmitted for 1 year, unless there is a substantial change in circumstances.

Title 16.08.060 is the section of the Churchill County Code regarding zone changes.

Applications for Zoning Changes are available on our Forms page under Land Use. Please come by the Planning Department to discuss your specific need before filing any application.