Sealing Criminal Records

Prior to preparing your Petition and Order to Seal Records, you must make a request for a verified copy of your criminal history to the Criminal History Repository. There will be a fee to obtain these records. Please check with the agency you are requesting from for the fee amount.

The Petition to Seal Records and Order can be found at Nevada Depart of Public Safety Sealing of Records.

Once all your documents have been prepared, the Petition must be filed with;

  1. A verified copy of your criminal history record (see above).
  2. A list of any and all public or private agencies, companies, officials, or other custodians of records that is known to you to have possession of such records.
  3. Information that accurately identifies the records to be sealed.

The original and a minimum of 4 copies of all documents should be taken to the court for filing. For the Justice Court of New River Township, there is a filing fee of $51.00 to be paid by the Petitioner at the time of filing.

If you have any further questions, please refer to the link above or seek legal counsel.