How do I report a crime?
All crime reports should be directed to the law enforcement agency where the crime occurred. In emergency situations, call 911. Otherwise, crimes committed in Churchill County may be reported to the following: Churchill County Sheriff’s Office, Fallon Police Department, Nevada Highway Patrol and Paiute-Shoshone Tribal Police.

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1. How do I report a crime?
2. Once a crime is reported, what happens?
3. What is the jurisdiction of the Churchill County District Attorney’s Office?
4. Who decides what charges to file and how do they make the decision?
5. If I get a subpoena, do I have to go to court?
6. If I am subpoenaed and I miss work to attend court, will the District Attorney pay for lost wages?
7. Why am I a witness? I didn’t see the crime happen?
8. As a witness, do I have to talk in front of the defendant in court?
9. I was the victim of a crime. How can I find out the status of the case, the name of the defendant, and the defendant’s next court date?
10. I am a victim of a crime and I want to drop the charges. Can I do that?
11. What if I need an interpreter?
12. I am a defendant in a case and I can't seem to get in touch with my lawyer. Can I speak to your office?
13. Can I obtain a restraining order against someone. Will the DA's Office do this for me?
14. How can I get my property returned in a criminal case?
15. How long will I be at court as a witness?