How do I receive my payments?
You have a choice of receiving your payments through direct deposit into your checking account or by way of a Nevada Debit Card. If you wish to receive direct deposit, please download the appropriate form, complete and fax, along with a voided check, to (702) 486-8592. If you wish to receive payments on a Nevada Debit Card you don’t need to do anything. Approximately 30 days after your first payment is received a debit card will arrive in the mail. The debit card can be used at any merchant who accepts credit cards and you can request cash back if you wish. Complete details will be sent to you by Bank of America. You MUST notify both the Churchill County District Attorney's Child Support Division and Bank of America when your address changes to ensure uninterrupted service.

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1. How do I receive my payments?
2. What is the Nevada debit card?
3. What is direct deposit?
4. What choice is best for me?